Cake PHP Development

CakePHP is the most common and most popular frameworks for PHP development. CakePHP provides an architecture for developing, maintaining and deploying applications. It is a system for open source optimization which uses MVC (Model-View-Controller) and helps PHP developers to develop all kinds of web applications from simple to much complex in PHP.

Some advantages of CakePHP are:

* Helps in reducing cost of website creation
* Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5
* Developed under MIT license, so it is free for everybody
* Email, Cookie, Security, and Request Handling Components
* View Helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms etc.

Our experts update themselves with new technologies coming in the market so that we can develop any kind of software application in this framework. We have best CakePHP programmers in Chandigarh who can develop applications in:

* CakePHP Web application
* CakePHP Customization
* CakePHP Content Management
* CakePHP Shopping cart
* CakePHP Third Party API Integration

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