Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is an open source application framework that is written in the Ruby language. It follows MVC architecture. It is an object oriented programming language. It supports MySQL, SQL server and oracle database. It is one of the time saving frameworks that takes less than half of the time in developing in any other language. Applications developed in ROR framework can run on any server. We have an experts in ROR applications development, Chandigarh who ensures you to develop applications according to your requirements.

Some advantages of ROR:

* Database access library which simplifies data handling in databases.
* Custom URLs can be developed using ROR framework.
* Debugging is easy because it provides details of error logs.
* Independent threading facility.
* Faster speed.
* Works with different databases.
* AJAX functions library is provided in ROR framework.
* Validations, sessions, management etc is easy in this framework.

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